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All of John’s guidance and information is based solely upon spiritual intuition and is intended only as spiritual guidance. John does not accept responsibility for the choices his clients/participants make based upon information provided to them during private sessions or public teachings (whether recorded, written or live).

John does not warrant or guarantee results of any kind. Clients/participants agree to assume all risk when using information or methods suggested by John. People participating in John’s teaching, training sessions, or consultations may experience energy movement or other physical, mental, or emotional sensations.

John does not give medical, legal or investment advice of any kind and none of John’s communications should be taken as such. John's teachings and services are not intended to take the place of any person's medical, psychiatric, or therapeutic needs or evaluations as provided by any licensed medical professional. If you are under the care of a doctor or mental health professional, please continue to follow their advice, including taking your prescribed medication.

Clients agree to take sole responsibility, legal and otherwise, for any use they make of any information, techniques or methods John communicates in sessions or seminars and all results of that use. By utilizing John's services, clients agree not to involve either John or any of his staff, nor any communication (written or verbal) with John’s organization or the content of their personal sessions in any legal proceedings of any kind.

Clients may terminate John’s services at any time. John does not disclose confidential information unless required by law. John will not disclose confidential client information from sessions unless required by law. Information provided to John is not considered privileged or exempt from mandatory disclosure by a court of law or any law enforcement agency.

By participating in sessions, lectures and seminars, clients/participants agree that all information, techniques, methods and teachings provided by John will remain the intellectual property of John Jones, unless the information has previously been copyrighted by other sources. All information provided should be considered protected by copyright, and clients/participants further agree not to teach, communicate, transmit or duplicate them in any form, including written, electronic or video, nor to integrate any of John’s information into their own teachings or publications in any form, without written permission from John.

John reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time without prior notification, cause or reason. John reserves the right to modify this disclaimer at any time.







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