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How to Become Energetically Clear:
If you want to feel very good and be able to function very well almost all the time this is one way:

Adopt and maintain a great balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen (including herbs obtained in association with Ayruvedic medicine or Chinese medicine)

Learn Reiki, Qi Gong, Quantum Touch or some other energy healing modality

Develop, heal, clear and energize your Chakras (1 through 9 at a minimum) working from the first Chakra upward: i.e.

Identify your dominant Chakra(s) and monitor your Chakra functions in your day to day life
Do white light meditation (developing Chi and proper lung function and capacity) i.e. drawing visualized white light into your lungs and your overall system during deep breathing meditation
Do various Chakra meditations to develop Chakras
Apply healing energies to your Chakras i.e. Reiki or Qi Gong
Remove lower Chakra blockages which can limit your upward energy flow. This upward energy flow is necessary for the development of your upper level Chakras
Remove conflicting energies which block your Chakras from functioning and / or opening and developing

Initially clear / heal your aura of holes, blockages, conflicts and stagnant energies

Clear any and all negative energy connections between yourself and others (these relationships can be with those who are alive or passed on)

Clear your negative energy programming in regard to your Mother, Father and siblings

Open and clear all of your energy channels (Meridians, Main Chakra Column, plus all Qi Gong related energy channels)

Fully ground yourself (Be careful and go slowly, really achieving this can mean dealing with a lot of old conflicts and negative emotions)

Clear your negative Karma (Both spiritual and worldly negative Karma) at all levels including your energetic DNA

Clear your spouses negative Karma (you have to live with it every day, why not make it nicer?)

Integrate the fragmented parts of your energy system and your soul

Clear any and all negative programming and fear based programming in your system

Clear, heal, energize and balance both hemispheres of your brain

Balance your male and female energies

Balance your spiritual and worldly energies

Align your energies

Harmonize your internal energies and all your outer energy connections

Integrate your Chakra functions or at least insure proper sequencing in their function

Determine, heal and re-define your chosen energetic boundaries, and then carefully monitor them

Maintain good free internal energy flow

Get centered within yourself

Get focused and stay clear

Do not allow yourself to pick up negative energy or negative Karma from others in any situation

Limit any tendencies you may have to get angry, i.e. don’t stuff your emotions, release them or heal them whenever you find them

Forgive everyone (including yourself)

Connect your 7th and higher Chakras to highly positive energy sources

Connect your root Chakra and foot chakras to highly positive earth energy sources

Begin storing positive earth and universal Chi in your system, including your skeletal system (via Qi Gong, Meditation or other energy modality)

Stay in the here and NOW

Nurture a strong belief and trust in yourself and strong faith in God

All of this adds up to Know Thyself and the truth of All Is One.

Be prepared for unforeseen Astrological energy shifts that can cause you to be suddenly out of balance, and which show you unknown healing issues you had not realized were there.

©2009 John Jones