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Personal Empowerment

Empowerment defined:
1. The ability to consistently make conscious choices in an internally sovereign and unified manner, with the available energy and power to back up your decisions, while at the same time being able to give, receive and experience non-judgmental love.

2. The ability to profoundly effect and manifest your spiritual / soul’s will at all levels of daily life (i.e. incarnate existence).

3. The ability to speak and live your power and your truth every moment of your life and in all situations and relationships.

4. To be creative at all times and in all situations.

5. Empowerment implies proactivity, effectiveness and efficiency as well as the option to choose to do nothing.

6. Empowerment could be seen as attaining a significant degree of spiritual consciousness, self-awareness, wisdom and maturity while incarnate (again at all levels).

7. The long term result of our evolutionary processes and soul development.

8. The essence of Consciousness.

9. To live free of addictions and limitations, including limiting beliefs, judgments, programs, mindsets, connections and relationships, etc.

10. Empowerment is not “Will” per say, however development of true empowerment usually requires the consistent application of personal will and self-discipline in the process of conscious intention.

Requirements for empowerment:

The desire to attain conscious spiritual connection with God, belief that you deserve it and the belief that this attainment is your God given right.

Taking personal responsibility for your spiritual progress and all aspects of your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health, well being and decision making processes.

Some form of efficient and effective analytical meditation.

Conscious groundedness and a strong clear earth energy connection.

Strong energetic foundation (connection to earth with your feet, legs, hips, lower back and lower chakras up to and including your heart chakra).

Good energy reserves (Qi/Chi), especially in your heart, kidneys and 2nd chakra area.

Open and clear your lower chakras (1,2,3,4). In the long run all chakras open, operating and integrated are required for more comprehensive empowerment, i.e. full spiritual empowerment.

Physical health (must be relatively good). Mental, physical and emotional health and balance are prerequisites and the result of the process of spiritual attainment.

Good diet, physical exercise and access to useful herbs to reduce chemical toxins in your system.

You must have handled your addictions (addictions could be described as distractions from your soul’s path or anything that you cannot consciously choose not to do, be, feel, experience or perceive).

One pointed Focus at all levels, as well as integration of these focused levels.

Clarity (Clear psychic vision as well as non-disturbed energetic functions of the chakras).

Alignment and integration of chakras and male / female energy balance.

Opening of all your channels (meridians, chakras, Qi Gong channels, etc.).

Internal harmony and overall life balance (physical, mental, spiritual, worldly, work, & relationships).

Overcome your own limiting beliefs, mind sets, self-judgments and judgments of others.

Ability to protect yourself and/or be energetically protected on all levels (includes from negative, judgmental and / or jealous and / or controlling energies.

Enough consistent life force / energy / Chi / Qi available for you to draw upon from within and outside yourself, (this Qi can be drawn from several levels of existence) and which you are also capable of applying at many levels of perceived existence.

Consistent availability of healing, balancing and adjusting energies.

Consistent constructive and conscious access to your own will, abilities, skills, creativity, knowledge and experience.

Consistent forgiveness of yourself and others (This cannot be stressed enough nor over valued).

Guidance all along the way from your spirit guides and your high self.

Acupuncture applied by a Chinese taught expert can be of great benefit in opening and clearing your entire energetic system.

Specific Mantras and meditations for opening yourself to the “void” / the universe.

First map and then become conscious of your personal archetypes and then learn to step outside of them (Archetypes could be seen as the “training wheels” of the macro human consciousness which help humans evolve).

First map your personal astrological influences and learn to predict and thus manage your astrological shifts.

Conscious alignment with your soul’s mission in this lifetime.

Conscious alignment and harmony with God and the Universe.

That you develop the ability to function in a relatively sovereign and internally/externally unified manner. (Integration of all levels of Chakral function).

7th chakra driven guidance to the whole process of personal evolution.

Gaining access to your Kundalini energy through a well managed process of Kundalini release. Some of the benefits proper Kundalini release are:
• Cleansing of your entire energy system
• Clearing much of your negative Karma
• Integration of all chakral levels (root to seventh chakra)
• Increased potential to function at any chosen level or all levels of consciousness
• Improved conscious connection to spirit
• “Death” of the ego
• Improved health and longevity
• Increased intelligence
• Improved strength of will and focus
• Access to more personal energy at all times

NOTE: There are risks to Kundalini release. I do not suggest releasing Kundalini without extensive preparation, energetic clearing and in depth education on the subject. In addition I suggest having people who are knowledgeable on the subject available to help you if you have problems (I.E. A Kundalini Yogi expert, an Acupuncturist, a Qi Gong Master, or Various kinds of healers, etc.)

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