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Personal Growth

The Power of Choice and Your Personal Growth and Evolution:
You have the power of conscious Choice, and this is a beautiful thing.
This is a divine gift from God, and it is a gift that cannot be taken away by anyone, no matter how smart they may be, nor how powerful, nor how negative; no one can touch your power of choice.  It remains always there for you whatever the situation or circumstances.

There is a spark of God in you that gave you breath and life, and which cannot be extinguished by any action you take, any decision you make, nor even by your physical death. You are an immortal soul with infinite potential and possessing infinite beauty. You are bounded only by our imagination, your will and your desires.

You can do as you please with your divine power of choice. You can build or destroy,
create or damage, be happy or be sad, be fearful or be courageous. This is true power. With this power there is always opportunity, and with it responsibility for your choices. While you live there is always a chance to grow, to learn, and to find or create that which not only fulfills you, but also that which expresses who you are in your truest heart. Consistently realizing how powerful you are, however, isn’t always easy.

There are many distractions in this world, as well as many other people, who, also having the power of choice, may try to manipulate you, hinder you, compete with you, or even harm you. This situation, however, need not be a problem. When you utilize your power of will and choice harmoniously with all others, you are no longer in conflict, no longer in fear, no longer at odds with anyone.

You may look back upon your many lives or incarnations and feel that merely exercising the power of choice harmoniously would not have always made life that much easier. It wouldn’t mean that you would have gotten all that you either wanted or expected from life, it wouldn’t have meant that you were always loved by others, or accepted, or taken care, or even that you were always happy. To a degree this is true, in that for as long as the veil of this incarnate existence is over your eyes to any degree, you may always perceive some degree of suffering within yourself, as well as within those you love. There may always appear to be something lacking or something imperfect. Therefore, you may feel not quite at ease, not quite at peace with yourself, or at peace with the rest of the world.

However, if in addition to consciously realizing your power of choice, and living harmoniously with others, and loving them as you would be loved, there are other perspectives which may help you make it through all of your incarnations with a greater degree of inner peace.

These understandings are about your true self. Your true self is not the ego that gets hurt when life doesn’t turn out as you might wish. Your true self is not merely your consciousness of your world or time passing or even your emotional experiences of life.

Your truest self is your spirit or your soul, if you choose to put a name to it. It is the spark of God that all who come here have been given. It is the part of you that is totally pure. It is the part of you which is untainted by anything you may ever say or do. It is the part of you that is growing, even while you are growing in your earthly consciousness. It does not die, it does not end, it is timeless and beautiful beyond our ability to understand, or even to fully appreciate, in our current state of incarnation.
This brilliant and infinite state of existence, which is hidden just behind the mask of incarnation, is always there, and thus is always there for us. It is there, just as God is always there to support us, to sooth us, to offer us a place of peace and total unconditional love. It is the core of you. It is truly who you are, and it is the source of all love within you, just as God is the source of all love in the Universe.

How does knowing about this part of yourself help you see life differently as you grow, develop and evolve, from lifetime to lifetime? It helps to know that in spite of all the difficulties you may face, all the apparent mistakes you may make, (which in truth are merely a necessary part of the learning process), and in spite of all the suffering you may see in day to day life, that there is a truer reality which is actually occurring. That is the reality of you, through the mighty power of your conscious choice, attaining your soul’s intention in each lifetime, as well as the reality of your one day being reunited with God, in total and infinite peace, love, and joy.

This truth, as far outside or as different as it may seem from your current earthly life, is a fabulously wonderful thing. Awareness of it can allow you to put all of the day’s pains and frustrations into perspective and help you to understand that in the end, after all is said and done, life is actually fair. Life is actually a great thing, as well as an opportunity beyond our highest imaginations. It is the opportunity to travel to who our souls most want to be, and on the way to that goal to be allowed to take any path we wish, no matter how many lifetimes we choose to take in order to get there. It is the opportunity to deepen our love, our compassion, our ability to give and to receive without judgment or the desire to control another.

If you wake up each morning realizing that each day is actually filled with the promise of an opportunity to become closer to God, an opportunity to achieve an immortal state of being that will go on forever; could it make the drive to work just a little easier? Could it make the stresses and pressures of work and family just a little easier to bear? Could it provide you a space within yourself, which no one else can touch or tarnish, that no one can take from you, in which you can find peace, and day by day learn to know the depths and greatness of your own soul?

If you have this power of choice, and with it the option to live harmoniously in every situation you experience, and with every person you meet, and along with that the knowledge that every day, through every tiny choice you make, you are growing closer to God and the spark of God within yourself. Could you hold on through life’s difficulties? Could you have the space within your heart to love yourself more?  To love others just a little more?

And with this knowledge of who you truly are, and who you are becoming, could you look out through the eyes of your immortal soul, at all the other souls around you, and perhaps realize that they too, like you, are growing and spiritually maturing? That they too may be unsure of who they are and why they are here, that they too may become distracted by some of the bumps in life’s road, and thus for a time forget to love? That given the conscious choice, that they too would understand the love of God and the love that exists within their souls and would look back at you in total adoration, in total acceptance, and in total unconditional love?

If you were to see the world in this way, every day, do you think it would look different to you? Do you think it would look better? Do you think that hope and faith and peace would be more a part of every moment of your experience of life? Do you think you would let go of the past and live more in the beautiful, perfect, Now, and thus more consciously within the incredible power of choice that you have?

And if you knew all of this, and did all of this, and loved everyone as you did yourself, do you think you would be able to have the courage and grace to exercise the power of choice to help those around you get where they are going? To help them achieve that which their hearts most desire? What their soul’s most desire? And if you did all of this would all of life be just that much better?

I might suggest two questions you could ask over the years of your life that may in the long run bring you fulfillment and inner peace.

The first is a question you can ask yourself, at the deepest core of your being, in the deepest recesses of your own private heart. And mind you, you may need to ask it many, many times before you truly know the answer. It is a simple question, yet it is infinitely powerful. The question is,

“Who am I?”

The next question is one you may pose to others, and I might suggest that you ask it from that deepest core of your own being, your deepest heart. This question is also simple, yet it is just as profound. It is,

“How may I help you to find your greatest happiness?”

I wish you all the best and God’s love and grace throughout your lives.

©2009 John Jones