John Jones - Karmic Healer 954-450-1205

John is a Karmic Healer, this means that in order to facilitate the healing of your Karmic patterns he obtains information about your past lives and your current life by reading energy patterns that reside in various energy centers (chakras), located in and around your body.  He also speaks with your spirit guides to receive guidance as to the best course of action in working with your system and your Karma.  In addition John reads various sub-conscious energy patterns, beliefs, judgments, energy connections to others you are in relationship with (family members, loved ones, husbands / wives, etc.) in order to determine their precise influence on your current mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic state.  All of these factors and many more go into the process of facilitating your transformation from where you are, to where you tell John you would like to be, or in healing what you would like to heal.  i.e. It is first necessary to know where you are, and where you have been, in order to map a course to precisely where you want to go.

Therefore any session with John will invariably be a combination of reading and energetic healing work.  The flow of the session will be a version of the following.  First determining where the client “is” and what they want healed, achieved, changed or transformed.  Then, either simultaneous to the reading or afterward, John channels healing energy to the client and communicates information provided by the client’s guides in order to help the client shift to the new and preferred state.  After sessions clients continue processing, usually for several weeks. 

During sessions many clients state that they experience physical feelings of heat, tingling, shifting of energy in their systems, or deep emotional shifts related to key issues in their lives, as well as achieving new found states of consciousness they have not previously attained.  After sessions many clients go through several weeks of processing the healing which can involve lucid dreams (i.e. dreams in which you perceive yourself to be wide awake in the dream, some sleepless nights, intense energy flows, feeling tired (which means negative energy patterns are processing out), minor digestive upsets, or deep emotional shifts).  These symptoms are signs that significant positive transformation is occurring, and once they pass clients generally state that they feel much better, lighter and relieved of past burdens.

The key goal of the Karmic healing sessions is to raise the client’s level of conscious awareness of the negative early life issues or past life dysfunctional patterns that have been adversely affecting their life.  Then to work to using energy in an effective way to break down the old patterns, so that they no longer influence the client’s consciousness, decision making, emotions or relationships.

Once this is accomplished, new states of conscious awareness, emotional awareness and more positive relationship interaction become possible.  In addition, with this heightened state of internal understanding and awareness the client is empowered in the process of maintaining a higher degree of inner peace.  All of this healing work is focused on the ultimate goal of raising global conscious awareness and healing everyone to the point where they are able to love themselves and each other unconditionally.  Thus serving the good of all humankind.