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Advanced Healing Intensive (Level 1 & 2)

Some Topics Covered:

• Self-Awareness (what you bring to the healing environment)
• Self-Healing for the Healer
• Discipline, Focus, Balance
• Intention
• Self-Protection (Defensive always)
• Improving Your Personal Energy and Feelings of Well Being
• General energy scans by facilitator of class participants
• Energetic Self-Development (your energy system)
• Your energy projections in daily life and healing situations
• Your intention vs. / compared to your clients intention (never adversarial)
• Language usage in the healing environment
• Working / Healing from a point of Self-Love (Always)
• Long term goals for your personal development
• Finding  & working with feelings
• Working with and releasing feelings (limiting beliefs, healing, empowerment,
gggrounding, clairaudience & 3rd eye development)

• Personal energy scanning methods
• Self-integration
• Boundary mapping exercises
• Relationship analysis and mapping exercises
• Healing capability scanning exercises
• Scanning for and mapping co-dependent beliefs
• Qi Gong demonstration
• Self-protection methods
• Self clearing prayer
• Self clearing white light meditation
• Mapping negative Karmic patterns
• Communicating with your Spirit Guides