John Jones - Karmic Healer 954-450-1205


John Jones is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Soul Healer, Channeler of Spirit Guides and those who have passed on. He is also a reader of the Akashic Records and past life experiences. He works with the Lords of Karma facilitating karmic clearings, healings and communications.     Due to his skill as an accurate energy reader, John is able to release all types of client energy blockages. He offers remote readings and energy healing work to clients worldwide. John’s spiritual intention is focused on helping to heal the Karma of the world through his group teachings and through the one on one healing work he does with his clients. Through the classes John presents, people learn to identify and clear their own unwanted Karmic patterns and to apply a variety of powerful self-healing methods.     As a result of this work John’s clients have gained important insights and experienced life changing results. Including increased self-esteem, self-empowerment, heightened consciousness, feelings of inner peace, decreased physical and emotional pain, and significant improvements in key relationships. 

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