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Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Some Topics Covered:

• Introductions and request for expectations and past experiences
• Answering the question “What are Psychic Healing Abilities?”
• Energy scans of class participants to find their key blockages, messages,
aaand some lives, including hand Chakras
• Discussion of what being psychic is, and what it is not. 
fffFor example, internal messages we mistake for psychic messages
• Discussion of Chakras and negative Karma
• Why it is good to question your motives for becoming more psychic
• Where does psychic information come from? (all levels of psychic energy)
• Where does healing energy come from?
9. What are energetic / psychic connections?
• Why people often do not become very psychic or psychic at only one level
• Give yourself permission to be psychic and how not to fear it
• How does increasing your energy frequency affect psychic ability
• How does increasing the amount of Qi you have, and refining your
eeenergy affect your psychic abilities?
• How does the development of a clear 2nd Chakra help in Clairsentience?
• How does the development of a clear and quiet mind (meditation)
h help in clairvoyance?