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Healing Child Abuse

Some Topics Covered:

• What is child abuse? 
• Does child abuse end when we grow up?
What are some types of abuse?
What are the most destructive kinds of abuse?
How common is child abuse?
Difference between a person who has experienced abuse and a victim
Who are the abused?
What are some differences between males and females who have been abused?
Who are the abusers? 
• Are they “monsters”?
Why are children abused?
Why aren’t children helped when abuse occurs?
What are the results of abuse?
Discussion of negative Karmic patterns that can lead to abuse
What influences the degree of impact of the abuse?
What are some things children learn from abuse?
Why does abuse happen and then seem to go unnoticed?
Does everyone who has been abused know it?  Or understand its effects
c on their lives?
Why does abuse create such long lasting effects?
Do all people who were abused want to heal?  Unfortunately not always...
Why can it seem so difficult to heal child abuse?
What is often required for healing to occur?
How can someone protect themselves from your own unconscious patterns
c of behavior, interaction and belief?
What can you expect “on the other side of life” after being healed of abuse?
Tools of self healing