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Healing Anger, Fear & Guilt

Some Topics Covered:

• Initial energy scanning and messages
• What is self-healing?
• Family socialization, programmed patterns, energy patterning
• Past life Karmic patterns effect on your emotions
• Astrological influences on your emotions
• Sources of anger
• How denial blocks us from seeing all the feelings that come up before the anger
• The relationship between beliefs and Anger, Fear and Guilt
• The relationship between judgments of self and others to Anger, Fear and Guilt
• The relationship between stress and Anger, Fear and Guilt
• The relationship between frustration and Anger, Fear and Guilt
• The relationship of time to emotions
• How your energy frequency and amount of energy affects your healing process
• How blaming yourself or others affects your ability to heal
• How the pressure to please others affects our emotions
• How major change (or lots of minor change) affects emotions
• The difference between “coping” and proactively transforming yourself
• Can you proactively “surf” your way through a mid-life crisis?
• How conscious personal intention, personal commitment and discipline fit
c into the process of self-healing
• How boundaries are created and how they are initially formed fit into the
ciprocess of self-healing
• Affects of emotional and physical abuse on emotions, personal development
ccand our ability to heal
• What the role of power and control is in relationships and how it relates to
cciAnger, Fear and Guilt (Hint, Anger is an attempt to control events)