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Healing Your Relationships

Some Topics Covered:

• Definition(s) of various kinds of relationships (Feelings, expectations, beliefs,
c culture, male, female, values, priorities, outside influences, influence of stress)
• Definition(s) of Healing:  mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic,
c relationship oriented
• Definition(s) of Karma, including apparent Karmic “bondage and limitation”
• Importance of self-awareness and applicability in self-healing & relationship healing
• Your relationships are happening in the midst of a vast global consciousness
c and economic and technological transformation, you need to be able to
c “ride the waves”
• The Karmic fabric of relationships
• Karmic lessons learned through relationships (What to do and what not to do)
• Karmic healing and Karmic relationship healing (including Karmic patterns)
• Karmic contracts and karmic debts
• Old vows and their effect on your current lifetime
• The Chakra System
• Fragmentation of the consciousness

Some Discussion Topics:

• Participant’s current and previous relationships
• Abusive or negative relationships of various kinds
• Negative Karma and Karmic relationships i.e. Learning relationships
• Energy connections of all kinds (including past generational)
• Negative energetic messages of various kinds
• Effect of connections on self-esteem, self-worth and self-love and self-empowerment
• Changing the nature of our energetic connections (there are always at least
c two sides to the coin)
• Effect of our Qi on our relationships
• Attachment and detachment in relationships and the value and benefits of each
• Socialization and influence of society
• Familial socialization