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Personal Transformation Class Level 1
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Topics Covered:
• The transformational times we live in and how they affect you
• What do you want to transform? (always accomplished via self-awareness)
• The basic human energy system (what it is, how to develop and manage it)
• Effects of Karma on your experiences of life and your relationships
• Mapping and healing your Karmic patterns
• Identity, Ego, Personality and Mind (how to map them and modify them)
• Healing your relationships (with the living and those who have passed)
• Meditation & development of self-awareness and consciousness
• Self-empowerment, powerful self-healing, and self-integration
• Connecting and communicating with your Spirit Guides and Angels
• Monitoring your energetic health and current level(s) of development
• Energy System - Male
• Skeleton and Chakras
• Integration of Various Levels of Consciousness
• Energy System Development
• Overview of Human Energy System Components
• Positive Family Connections
• Negative Family Connections
• Wheel of Karma
• Transformation is Just a Process of Moving from “A to B”
• Cycle of Judgment and Preference
• Cycle of Fear
• Hereditarily Learned “Blame” Cycle
• Process of Limited / Inhibited Consciousness
• Transformation and Empowerment
• Experience of Reality
• Self Love