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Personal Transformation Class Level 2
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Topics Covered:
• Managing relationships in the midst of transformational times
• The human energy system as it relates to personal transformation
• Creating peace and harmony in your life
• Creating life force to empower your personal transformation
• Your divinely given power of choice and how you can best apply it
• Manifesting what you want in this lifetime
• Achieving higher states of consciousness
• Developing your psychic and spiritual gifts
• Using your psychic gifts to enhance your life and to heal yourself
• Planning and achieving your personal transformation
• Decision Making Cycles
• The Cycle of Illness, Healing & Growth
• The Cycle of Choice
• Types of Healing / Health Modalities
• Ways to Increase Your Personal Energy to Support Personal Transformation
• 2nd Chakra Component Balancing
• 5th Chakra Component Balancing
• Basic Human Motivations & Priorities
• What Keeps Us From Transforming?
• Reason for Suffering
• Cycle of Manifestation
• Creating and Achieving Sustained Conscious Intention
• What Are You Stuck In?
• Transforming Relationships
• Consciousness Development
• Consciousness Management
• Balancing Your Life in Transformative Times
• Maintaining Conscious “Intention” (Know Thyself)
• Qualities of Sovereignty and Self-Mastery
• Interpretive Learning Context