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Written Testimonials

"I have participated in sessions with John Jones for many months. I look forward to every one !

Each exchange enriches me with insight, awareness and a renewed strength to live in joy and appreciation for all experiences that come to me. John is precise, accurate, highly gifted and truly touched by God. His approach always offers healing, peace, and an important "shift" in perception about what really matters. I am deeply grateful for his kind assistance."
Ginger Grancagnolo Ed.D., D. Min.

"In more than two decades of practicing psychotherapy, hypnosis and relationship coaching I have developed my intuitive and healing skills for my own, and clients benefit. My experience professionally and personally allows me to weave a wide variety of paths for my clients to experience the abundance of choice in their lives.

Meeting John, and working with him, it is the 1st time I have encountered anyone with his abilities to read the chakras, unblock energies, shift energies and heal karmic patterns. He pairs that knowledge with a deep integrity and respect for his clients which can allow for profound growth, release of karmic patterns and reclaimed health.

John Jones has had a profoundly positive effect on my life. Chronic pain in different areas of my body has dissipated, and my energy level has increased. The karmic patterns of complicated relationships have been made clearer to me, allowing for healing. The enormous impact on my life that working with John has made is beyond words."
Mara Fisher, L.C.S.W., M.C.C.


"John Jones is a beautiful soul whose luminous presence alone helps to reset energy patterns. He has studied and worked with karma extensively making our own karma work substantially easier to do. I recommend his classes to anyone who is seriously interested in clearing the chains of their own karma."
Celia Kruse, Radiant Self Energy Healer, Professional Coach, Miami, Florida,


"I never understood how powerfully karma plays a role in our current life. I was blown away by realizing how much knowledge and healing work is needed to clean up our karmic past experiences and that of our parents!

By learning more about the chakra and their function, I now understand why we become blocked and how clearing and healing our chakras and our karma can allow us to have a more fulfilling life and more harmonious relationships.

John is an excellent presenter, blessed with so much knowledge to share. I sure got a lot out of the workshop! Thanks John."
Sheri Kaplan, Executive Director, The Center for Positive Connections


"I have been studying the Spiritual ways in earnest since 1979, and have been in many workshops learning unique ways for self improvement and increase of self potential, however I have not yet met someone like John Jones.

John is very able and brings certainty to a realm where very few can. He understands so well the human condition, and has so many options for aiding to create the desired results. It is a pleasure and an inspiration to work with him.

As a result of working with John for about a month, I am now able to be at least 50% more effective in my spiritual work. I know that others around me have also benefited from this."

Thanks John,


"Spring of 2005, I attended a Reiki Healing evening and John was the guest speaker/healer. I thoroughly enjoyed what he shared & had an opportunity to experience his healing work that evening. In John's presence I could feel the integrity and sincerity of his soul & how much he genuinely cared. He has a beautiful array of healing gifts & talents which he uses with gentleness & kindness. I have referred John to several of my clients knowing he will honor them and their needs in a respectful manner. I have appreciated having John work on me, knowing I can relax & trust his guidance & his heart. Many Blessings John."

Judy Cali



"I first spoke to John Jones approximately 5 years ago. I think that the greatest thing I can say about John is that I have recommended about 40 of my friends and acquaintances should make contact with John. These people have all benefited in many ways from knowing John.

For my own part, I have always used John as a 'lighthouse' who protects me from choppy waters and guides me through obstacles that present themselves on the path of life.
Through his guidance I have come to the realization that if my father was not the man he was, I would not have become the man that I am today. Even though I experienced physical brutality and emotional torment in my early years from my father, I have become a very confident, self assured, balanced and compassionate man. People who have come in contact with me would never believe that I grew up in a hostile environment vis-a vis my father.

John has facilitated an environment where I can interpret correctly challenges that I face and also have the attitude of gratitude for all the gifts that life has presented me with.

I complete my gratitude book every week, and one of the people I have gratitude for is John Jones.

Kind Regards,
Patrick Corbett


"I met John Jones several years ago in one of his classes. I was impressed with his abilities, however, had never seen him work individually. I learned several months later that he actually worked over the phone and decided to give it a try as I had a lot of concerns, etc.

I thank God that I finally found someone who could not only tell me what my real problem was but how to get rid of it and how long it would take. Initially, I had so many problems that I always made 2 appointments at the same time as he is a very busy person. I have referred him to many people and all feel the same way that I do. I wish we were all this talented!!!"
Flo Hinton


"I have been working on myself incessantly for 9 years now and find that the period of greatest personal and spiritual growth has been achieved with the selfless, patient and loving help and guidance of John Jones and his spiritual entourage.  I might have achieved similar levels of growth on my own over a period of many years, and with greater effort and pain... "

God bless your work, John!
Ruthann Matthysse


"I have been working with John Jones now for about three years.  John has provided guidance and protection to myself and my family on many occasions.  The most important one being a child custody case for my daughter.  John supported and guided me through the case and provided me with confidence and a clear understanding of how the situation would progress.  There are always karmic implications to what we think, say and do.  It turned out my daughter was meant to be with me and not have any contact with her biological father.  The situation with the court case happened the exact way John had predicted and the outcome also. 

There have been other situations where John’s guidance has provided clarity and purpose.  We sometimes find ourselves at a crossroads in life and without the guidance of someone as gifted as John Jones, we can quite easily make a wrong turn.  It can then take years before we finally find our way back to the spiritual path, our path of Destiny!  When John works with our Spirit Guides, he makes sure he knows what is for our highest good before providing the advice we are seeking.  He then provides the guidance for our highest good so we can live our lives with purpose, integrity and responsibility. 

With Deepest Gratitude,
Karen Williams


"I would like to say that working with John Jones has been truly a blessing. John facilitated an awakening within me by identifying and clearing energetic blocks in my physical and spiritual body. For me, this was so important as either I was not aware of the block, or unable to clear it on my own. John is able to communicate freely in other dimensions, and tune in to guides and other beings for the benefit and highest good of those he works with. John's gifts and insight transcend any healer I have ever known. He demonstrates the utmost patience, compassion and respect at all times. I am so very thankful to have been referred to John."
Lorrayne Lenoff


"I have known and worked with John Jones for over four years now, and words cannot express the grandeur of the appreciation I hold in my heart for him. The amount of wisdom and spiritual growth I have gained from this great teacher now leaves me in a place of LOVE.  John has so many great gifts, and he humbly shares them with others out of his own willingness to be in selfless service. He directly works with God Source, the Angels and all the purest of Divine energies to not only deliver channeled messages of Light, but to also facilitate evolution at conscious and subconscious levels along with Karmic healing and auspicious re-integration of the person's energetic system. I am extremely grateful to know and have the opportunity to learn from such a beautiful reflection. Thank you, John, for all that you DO, all that you ARE, and that you are BECOMING..."
Damaris Cruz, LMT, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor & Intuitive Channel
A Gift of Touch, Inc.


I have been through my share of counseling, therapy and healing work of many different kinds. Everything helped in its own way, but very few methods or therapists have been as effective as John. The energy work he does works on such a deep level that I have literally watched one problem after another simply dissolve over time, even if I never specifically mentioned the issue as a problem. This has been true for just about every area of my life. I live with greater ease, less worry and more joy thanks to John.

All the best,